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Private lessons are for everyone and  students aged 5 + are welcome! 

Using a variety of teaching methods, styles and venues I can tap into each student's enormous reservoir of potential. Students are compassionately guided through their studies with the guiding principles of quality practice over quantity.  Organization and accountability is emphasised with a weekly practice chart, check list or journal.


Adult students are welcome to take the lead in their studies.  I respect your needs to work on repertoire that interests you and understand that adult life often gets in the way of practice time.

Adults are NOT required to participate in studio classes or recitals.  Performing is encouraged, but only in a venue and at a time where you are comfortable.  I'm happy to help seek opportunities outside of the studio for you to share your music.

Let's connect! We will discuss your musical, educational and scheduling needs in detail before lessons begin.  


5450 Far Hills Ave. #211

Kettering, OH  45429

Directly above Pediatric Associates of Dayton

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